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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekly Innovation - Made in China ... Now What?


Weekly Innovation:
     Made In China ... Now What?

Hi all,

I cannot begin to tell you how many calls and emails I receive and people approaching me at lectures wondering why we sell some products from China. AND I have to tell you that I hear you. It is frustrating for me to that I don't have a better selection of U.S. made products to choose from. Out team is constantly looking, but to no avail. In this week's article, I dive head first into exploring the issues that surround purchasing from China.

For those of you that are keenly interested in US-Made products, try these 3 fantastic products from our site.

Our Simple Elegance glass straw series is sure to impress your guests and is green with bling, too!

A corn-based biodegradable water bottle with carbon filter offers you filtered water on the go from any tap water source. Reuse up to 90 times! Finally, I'm pleased to tell you about our up and coming book series from Urban Farm Press.

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Made in China ... Now What?

Featured Products

Simple Elegance
Drinking Straw /w brush

Drinking Straw with Brush

Corn-Based Biodegradable Bottle with Filter
Corn-Based Biodegradable Bottle with Filter

My Ordinary Extraordinary Yard / Fowl Play COMBO
My Ordinary Extraordinary Yard and Fowl Play COMBO

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