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Sunday, March 30, 2008

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Clinton rules out leaving race early - Yahoo! News

ABC News Video Clinton rules out leaving race early - Yahoo! News: "Hillary: Let People Vote" By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer HAMMOND, Ind. - If Hillary Rodham Clinton is feeling heat from pundits and party elders to quit the race and back Barack Obama, you'd never know it from her crowds, energy level and upbeat demeanor on the campaign trail. "There are millions of reasons to continue this race: people in Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Carolina, and all of the contests yet to come," Clinton told reporters Friday. "This is a very close race and clearly I believe strongly that everyone should have their voices heard and their votes counted." The former first lady weathered a two-pronged blow Friday, with influential Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey Jr. endorsing Obama and another Senate colleague, Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy, urging her to step aside. But to hear Clinton tell it, it was just another day in an epic primary battle whose result is still not known. "I believe a spirited contest is good for the Democratic Party and will strengthen the eventual nominee," she said. "We will have a united party behind whomever that nominee is. ... I look forward to campaigning over the next several months." Traveling across Indiana, the former first lady was greeted by large, enthusiastic audiences who roared their approval at her proposals to help fix the state's economic challenges. At events here and in North Carolina on Thursday, Clinton raised the issue of whether she should quit the race, only to have it firmly batted down by her supporters. "There are some people who are saying, you know, we really ought to end this primary, we just ought to shut it down," she said in Mishawaka, Ind., drawing cries of "No, no!" inside a packed gymnasium. In Hammond, she compared the state's struggling steel industry to her own efforts to fight the odds. "I know a little bit about comebacks," she said to cheers. "I know what it's like to be counted down and counted out. But I also know there is nothing that will keep us down if we are determined to keep on." Yet despite the optimistic talk, there is no doubt that Clinton faces an uphill battle to secure securing her party's nod. She trails Obama among pledged delegates and is not expected to close that gap even with a strong showing in the 10 remaining primaries. She also trails in the popular vote and probably cannot make up the deficit without revotes in Michigan and Florida, whose January primary results were nullified because they broke party rules. Neither state is expected to go through with new contests. As a result, the so-called "superdelegates" — some 800 elected officials and party insiders who can choose to support any candidate — would risk intraparty rebellion if they backed Clinton. The New York senator reaffirmed her belief that superdelegates will base their choice on which candidate would make the best president and would have the best chance to beat Republican John McCain in November. All the more reason to look forward to Pennsylvania's primary April 22, Indiana and North Carolina's May 6 and the handful of others that follow, Clinton insisted. "There will be additional information that will inform those decisions that will come from these upcoming contests," she said. Dismissing concerns raised by Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean that a prolonged contest would demoralize the party base, Clinton pointed to a recent surge in voter registration and projected turnout in Pennsylvania. Democratic registration went up by 4 percent in the state this year, while it declined 1 percent among Republicans. "Both Senator Obama and I have brought millions of new people into the process," she said. "People are registering to vote for him and to vote for me. They're part now of the Democratic Party." Asked what she thought of Obama's comment Friday that the Democratic primary race resembled "a good movie that lasted about a half-hour too long," Clinton smiled broadly and said, "I like long movies."

Friday, March 28, 2008

Texas Democratic caucus delegates ready for next step Saturday.

Texas Democratic caucus delegates ready for next step Saturday.: "PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN Texas Democratic caucus delegates ready for next step Saturday." Local meetings will determine delegates for state convention. By Kate Alexander, W. Gardner SelbyAMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Sunday, March 23, 2008 James Akers of Dripping Springs has set his sights high as a first-time delegate to his local Democratic Party convention on Saturday. "My goal is to go to Denver," Akers said, referring to the host city of the Democratic National Convention in August. "Imagine being on that convention floor when history is being made." For longtime party activists, this kind of giddiness for a local convention is unheard of. "The last one, hardly anyone was there," said David Butts, a Travis County convention regular since 1972. "We probably couldn't have had a good rugby scrum if we'd all gotten together." Riding a wave of newfound enthusiasm from people such as Akers, Democratic Party officials across the state are scrambling to prepare for what is expected to be record attendance at roughly 260 county and senatorial district conventions. Some party organizers were still searching last week for venues big enough to accommodate the throngs (Tarrant County was considering a former Wal-Mart or a large resort hotel near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport), and state party leaders have been dealing with the onslaught of paperwork, phone calls and attention as they prepare for Saturday's conventions. The conventions are much more than rah-rah party events. Campaign officials for Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton expect to learn Saturday who actually won Texas. Although Clinton narrowly won the popular vote March 4, neither candidate has a clear majority of delegates in Texas — or enough to win the national party's nomination. So every delegate is crucial. Once Texas' regional conventions are completed Saturday, both campaigns intend to collect the tallies in hopes of showing their candidate as the all-out winner in Texas. "It'll be 85 percent certain," said Garry Mauro, coordinator of Clinton's Texas campaign. Results from the primary night precinct caucuses won't fully shake out until delegates are finalized at the party's state convention in June, in a multistep and chaotic delegate selection process that is unique in the nation. It has been championed by Texas Democratic Party officials who say it keeps people engaged in politics, builds party rolls and fosters loyalty, and derided by others as an arcane throwback to the smoke-filled, backroom nominating process of years gone by. Texas Republicans will also gather at local conventions Saturday, but the stakes — and thus the passions — are not same because the party does not have the same caucus system as the Democrats and Sen. John McCain of Arizona has already locked up the nomination. Clinton has 65 pledged delegates based on the popular vote, and Obama got 61. But Obama could be leading in the total delegate count, at least according to unofficial and incomplete results from precinct caucuses compiled by the Texas Democratic Party. If that count stands, Obama could ultimately reap 38 delegates and Clinton 29. Everything depends on whose delegates show up Saturday. Both campaigns say that they have kept some field organizers in the state since the primary to work with volunteers and ensure their delegates know the importance of the conventions and that they have been reaching out to them with e-mail, calls and training. Clinton has about 60 people spread out in 20 to 25 cities "working the hell out of the conventions," Mauro said. "We want to protect the integrity of the process, on two different levels," Mauro said. "Make certain that every delegate and alternate elected for us, in the neighborhood of 45,000 people, is reminded routinely and regularly to go to the convention. And secondly, make certain only qualified people sign in and play a role in electing national delegates." The Obama campaign has hired Austin political consultant Glen Maxey to ready delegates for the convention. "One of the trademarks of the precinct conventions was the incredible enthusiasm of the people and their interest in participating in the process," Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said of the Texas caucuses. "What our folks may lack in convention experience, they more than make up for in enthusiasm." Travis County, which Obama easily carried in the primary, will probably have one of the largest gatherings in the state. It is actually two conventions in one: Travis delegates from both state Senate District 14 and Senate District 25 come together in one place, the Travis County Exposition Center. As many as 7,000 people are expected to attend the gathering Saturday, more than three times the number of people who came out in 2004, said Austin lawyer Chris Elliott, whose second term as chairman of the Travis County Democrats will end next month. Many of those people will be fledgling delegates who have never before been to a convention. Among the newbies will be Eugenia Beh of Austin, who said she has no idea what to expect but is thrilled to see what comes next. "After getting my toe in the water this year, I definitely think I will be more motivated to stay involved," said Beh, a University of Texas graduate student and an Obama delegate. "To me, this is a way to get reconnected to the political process and getting back to what I think this country is really about." Veronica Spellings said the experience of caucusing on election night and attending her first convention has made participating in the democratic process more tangible and intimate for her. "You feel like you are representing ... your own small cross-section of the state," said Spellings, a 35-year-old doctor. She said she met many of her neighbors for the first time at the caucus. Andy Brown, who will become chairman of the Travis County Democrats in late April, said he has already begun thinking about how to turn the throngs of new people into party loyalists. "The possibilities are endless," said Brown, who was elected chairman in the primary. This moment is an opportunity for Democrats throughout Texas to reverse the tide in statewide races, Brown said. Democrats, who once dominated Texas politics, no longer hold a single statewide office. Brown said he plans to be outside the convention Saturday, greeting the delegates and encouraging them to participate as voters, volunteers and financial supporters beyond this presidential campaign. The day will begin earlier than normal to handle the most tedious part: the sign-in. Doors will open at 7 for the 10 a.m. convention. Veteran delegates recommend that everyone arrive early and bring their patience, comfortable shoes and a good book. Once the convention begins, delegates will hear speeches from U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett and state Sen. Kirk Watson of Austin and other elected officials. They will also vote on resolutions that speak to the party's priorities. But the main responsibility will be to cluster with the others from the same precinct to elect the people headed to the statewide convention. That is where attendance matters. Clinton delegate Ginny Agnew, a lawyer who has attended many Democratic conventions, said she expects that "all our frenzy in anticipation will result in a fairly well-ordered convention." In question, though, is whether the Obama-Clinton forces will disagree about the qualifications of delegates to participate. Clinton's campaign has said it fielded 2,300 complaints about procedures in the precinct conventions statewide. The Obama campaign says it does not intend to challenge any of the delegates. Elliott, who said his objective is to have a fair and transparent convention, has designated Agnew and Travis County Attorney David Escamilla, an Obama supporter, to lead the Senate District 14 credentials committee. That committee will take up challenges to delegates being seated at the convention. Agnew said there will probably be some heated exchanges but she is confident that the committee is a group of reasoned people who will maintain composure in the face any madness. "Remember, we are all Democrats," Elliott said. "Ultimately, we all want the same thing, which is to elect a Democrat president in 2008." Local Democratic Party conventions There will be four local conventions in the Austin area Saturday. The conventions are open to the public. Travis County (State Senate Districts 14 and 25) Travis County Exposition Center, Luedecke Arena, 7311 Decker Lane, Austin www.traviscountydemocrats.org Hays County Wallace Middle School, 1500 W. Center St., Kyle www.hayscountydemocrats.org Williamson County Stony Point High School, 1801 Bowman Drive, Round Rock www.williamsoncountydemocrats.org Bastrop County Bastrop Intermediate School, 509 Old Austin Highway, Bastrop www.bastropcountydemocraticparty.com kalexander@statesman.com; 445-3618 wgselby@statesman.com; 445-3644

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Earth: The Sequel

Al Gore

Dear Phillip,

Fred Krupp, President of the Environmental Defense Fund and journalist Miriam Horn have just published a fascinating book called Earth: The Sequel - The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming.

The book tells the story of scientists and businessmen working on the front lines to solve the climate crisis, turning our planet's greatest threat into our greatest economic opportunity.

The book also explores breakthroughs in solar, wind, and biomass technologies, in addition to examining how we must reinvent everything from cars to concrete and replace our current outdated centralized electrical grid with a smart, multidirectional energy network.

You can buy your copy of Earth The Sequel by clicking here.

Thank you,

Al Gore

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Election '08: Seeking a 'Tech President'

Election '08: Seeking a 'Tech President': "Election '08: Seeking a 'Tech President' Technology companies have much at stake in 2008. Here's where the candidates stand on the issues of crucial importance to Silicon Valley" Editor's note: This is the second of two stories (BusinessWeek, 9/17/07) examining how top Presidential candidates are grappling with the major science and technology topics of the day. Presidential candidates, their eyes on early primaries, have understandably been spending much of their time lately courting voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. But Silicon Valley has merited some important side trips.

I need your help

Al Gore

Dear Phillip,

Global warming is a problem of unprecedented magnitude and that's why we've launched the largest mobilization campaign ever. Actions by individuals like you will be the driving force behind this campaign and our ultimate victory. We're going to succeed, but I need your help today.

More than 825,000 people have already joined us, but if leaders in business and government are going to make stopping climate change a priority, we need you to urge your friends to get involved today:


We need to grow to 1,000,000 members by April so we can send a loud message that we want action now. That is why I need you to forward the email below to all of your friends right now and ask them to add their voices.

Thank you,

Al Gore

Dear Friend,

Climate change is an urgent issue that requires immediate solutions. That's why I've joined with Al Gore and others across the country and around the world who want to halt global warming.

We're on the verge of being over one million strong and I'm asking you to join us. Please click here today to become part of the solutions to global warming:


If leaders in business and government are going to make stopping climate change a priority, we need to send a loud message that we want action now. That's why I'm asking you to get involved today:


Together, we can stop global warming.

P.S. AlGore.com from the start has been about building a movement to solve the climate crisis. As we launch our major national and international campaign through the Alliance for Climate Protection and the Climate Protection Action Fund, AlGore.com members may hear from these organizations by email with updates and actions. You can opt-out from these emails at any point by clicking the link below.

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Deloitte US | Audit, Tax, Consulting, Financial Advisory Services - Deloitte LLP

Deloitte US | Audit, Tax, Consulting, Financial Advisory Services - Deloitte LLP Many U.S. Consumers Want Major Changes in Health Care Design, Delivery Findings from a groundbreaking Deloitte survey have implications for providers, health plans, life science companies, policy makers and employers A new survey by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, part of Deloitte LLP, finds that many American consumers want more from their health care system than they’re currently getting – including greater online connection to health care providers and medical records, customized insurance coverage and wider access to emerging innovations such as retail clinics. At the same time, consumers express anxiety about future health care costs and increasingly search for alternative medicines and services that can save them money and offer convenience. But many also say they are willing to pay extra for wellness programs, and to support or consider tax increases to cover the uninsured. Deloitte’s 2008 Survey of Health Care Consumers, an online poll of more than 3,000 Americans ages 18-75, provides an important and timely perspective on health care consumerism. The survey assesses consumers’ behaviors, attitudes, and unmet needs related to health, health care and health insurance. It also points to six discrete segments of the overall consumer market, providing a profile of their key characteristics and differences. Each segment presents opportunities and risks for health care industry stakeholders. The survey data provides valuable insights into ways that health care providers, health plans, life science companies, policy makers and employers can work to close the gaps that exist between what consumers want and what they are currently getting. Among the survey's key findings: 79 percent of consumers believe health care will be an important issue in the 2008 election; 46 percent described it as one of the top three issues that will affect their vote 34 percent say they would use a retail clinic; 16 percent already have 60 percent want physicians to provide online access to medical records and test results, and online appointment scheduling; 1 in 4 say they would pay more for the service 1 in 3 consumers say they want more holistic/alternative therapies in their treatment program 3 of 4 consumers want expanded use of in-home monitoring devices and online tools that would reduce need for visits and allow individuals to be more active in their care 66 percent strongly favor or lean toward state-mandated health insurance 84 percent prefer generics to name-brand drugs 29 percent support a tax increase to help cover the uninsured; another 37 percent say they would consider a tax hike Only 52 percent of consumers say they understand their insurance coverage 1 in 4 consumers maintain a personal health record For additional statistics, visit the survey's Fact Sheet Library To read the full Executive Summary of the 2008 Survey of Health Care Consumers, please download the attachment below. Related Content: Methodology: About the Survey Segmentation: Review the Six Customer Segments Fact Sheet Library: Health Care Consumerism Overview: Center for Health Solutions Media Information: ePress Kit Attachments 2008 Survey of Health Care Consumers (711 KB)

21,552,257 new college scholarships or another year in Iraq?


Rock the Vote

We keep hearing from the millions of people who are part of Rock the Vote that they want to do more than just register to vote -- they want to take action on issues. Since today marks the 5th anniversary of the war in Iraq, which consistently rates as one of your top issues, I want to pass on this message from our friends at Credo Mobile. We'll be bringing you action alerts on a variety of issues and viewpoints this election cycle, here's an alert for those of you who are in favor of bringing the troops home.

Check it out:

------ Forwarded Message
From: CREDO Mobile Action
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008
To: Heather Smith - Rock the Vote
Subject: 21,552,257 new college scholarships or another year in Iraq?

CREDO Action: Tools for Change from Working Assets

21,552,257 college scholarships or another year in Iraq?

Five years is enough.
Projected Iraq spending for next year alone would provide scholarships for 21,552,257 Americans.

Had enough? Tell Congress to fund college education, not an endless occupation.

If we took the money we plan to spend in Iraq next year and put it toward abolishing student debt, we could afford to pay for 21,552,257 college scholarships1.

Unless we change course, that's not going to happen. On the fifth anniversary of the invasion, over 158,000 American troops are still occupying Iraq. Almost 4,000 American lives2 have been lost in this conflict. Over three trillion dollars3 have been wasted. And for what?

Send a message to Congress: It's time to bring the troops home and start to fund priorities at home, like abolishing student debt.

Congress has seemed reluctant to challenge the President on Iraq, but the overwhelming majority of the American people want to see the occupation of Iraq ended and our money spent on urgent needs at home. Let's tell them to bring the troops home now.

Thank you for working to build a better world.

Will Easton, Activism Manager
CREDO Mobile

1 National Priorities Project: Projected Iraq War Spending for FY 2009.
2 Associated Press: US Nears 4,000 Dead in Iraq. March 17, 2008.
3 Vanity Fair: The $3 Trillion War. April, 2008.

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HillaryStore.com - Welcome

HillaryStore.com - Welcome Any purchase is considered a federal contribution to Hillary Clinton for President. If you have already contributed the maximum amount under federal law or are otherwise ineligible to contribute under the federal rules, you may still purchase Hillary merchandise by visiting the bulk purchase store, HillaryGear.com. All t-shirts are union printed/ made in the USA. HillaryGear.com is not affiliated with the Committee HillaryStore.com, brought to you by our authorized vendor Financial Innovations, is the official resource for Hillary Clinton for President merchandise. Any purchase on hillarystore.com is considered a federal contribution for the full amount. All proceeds go to Hillary Clinton for President.

Looking ahead

The Democratic Party

Dear Friends,

Help lay the groundwork for our nomineeA year ago, no one would have guessed our party's primary season would still be going this strong. But that's not the only surprise of this election season.

Democrats are voting in larger numbers than anyone expected, and this record turnout shows incredible promise for the general election ahead of us.

But we also have a problem. John McCain has already sewn up the Republican nomination, and he's free to raise money and campaign all across the country.

The past few days, he's taken his campaign on a world tour at taxpayer expense. This weekend, he made a "surprise" stop in Iraq, trying to re-frame five years of steadfast support for George Bush's war with photo ops and press releases.

We can't afford to wait for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to win the Democratic nomination -- they're focused on winning the nomination while John McCain is focused on winning the White House. We are the only organization that can look beyond the primaries and lay the groundwork for Hillary or Barack to inherit if they win. They can't run against John McCain yet, but we can do it for them.

I need you to make a donation now so that we can continue our campaign against John McCain. Hillary or Barack will need the infrastructure in place as soon as they're nominated:


Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are generating the sort of passion this country hasn't seen in a long time. Both of them are bringing new Democrats into the process -- and reactivating old ones who haven't voted in years.

In Texas, 2.8 million Democratic ballots were cast in our Party's primary. That's more votes than Al Gore or John Kerry received in Texas in the past two general elections.

Now states like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oregon, and Kentucky will have their chance to impact the presidential nomination process. That's more states that Barack or Hillary may never have visited if not for the enthusiasm everyone has for them. It's also more states where voters will show up in record numbers for the primary and general elections.

The energy we're seeing across the country is what the 50-State Strategy is all about: giving Democrats a party that can compete in areas we've continually ignored in past elections. It's not easy, and it's not cheap, but it's the best way for our party to win.

But every day that the Democratic primary continues, John McCain is hitting the campaign trail, misleading the American people about his record, contradicting himself on the issues, and attacking Hillary and Barack.

I need you to contribute right now so Hillary or Barack can make it to the White House in November:


It's clear that there are benefits to a healthy, contested primary. But right now, John McCain thinks he can get a free pass while our campaigns are focused on each other.

You and I aren't going to let John McCain get ahead -- and we're going to do that by making sure Americans hear the truth about him.

From the war in Iraq and tax cuts for corporate special interests, McCain has put forth an astonishingly simple agenda: continue the Bush Administration's failed policies for another four years.

It's not just the Iraq War and tax breaks for the wealthy where John McCain falls in line with President Bush. Even on the unconventional issues that gave John McCain his "maverick" reputation, he has traded his integrity for a chance at the presidency.

This may not be news to you, but too many Americans don't know the facts about the Republican candidate for president, and Hillary or Barack can't get started just yet. Make a donation today and support our efforts to take him head-on and lay the groundwork for them:


Thank you,

Howard Dean

Make a Contribution

Paid for and authorized by the Democratic National Committee, www.democrats.org.
This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Democratic National Committee, 430 S. Capitol St. SE, Washington, DC 20003

Contributions or gifts to the Democratic National Committee are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

DNC, 430 S. Capitol St. SE, Washington DC 20003


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Dear Phillip,

Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Make a Matching Gift Today!
Eight vetoes -- that is eight times President Bush has stubbornly blocked progress for the American people by rejecting bills that would have strengthened our nation's security, provided health care for America's children, and moved America in a New Direction.

Our fight for progress is not over. We will not back down, nor will we ever stop fighting the President's fear-mongering tactics.

You and I will do whatever it takes to stand up to the shadowy outside groups who attack Democrats that are standing firm against a President intent on undermining our most basic rights as Americans.

Together, we can put an end to the Roadblock Republican era. But we must act now. March 31st marks the first FEC deadline since Republicans have united around John McCain as their nominee. Please help us raise $5 million in the next 10 days before March 31st to show our strength and make clear our commitment to a New Direction. House Democrats will match all gifts 2-to-1 to help us reach our goal.

Make a MATCHED 2-to-1 Gift now before our critical March 31st deadline
This year, we have 75 House seats in play. We will soon have an exciting presidential nominee to lead our united Democratic Party to victory in November. It is critical that we demonstrate our financial strength for our March 31st FEC deadline.

The Republicans are lining up behind John McCain to protect the failed status quo policies of George W. Bush. They will be aided by a powerful network of conservative outside groups who are prepared to spend more than $250 million to try and defeat us.

We have so much work to do. We can make history in November by standing and fighting now.

Make a MATCHED 2-to-1 Gift now before our critical March 31st deadline

Thank you for standing up for our Democratic principles.

Best wishes,
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House of Representatives




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Message from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse


Dear Mr. Quiett:

I wanted to alert you to some details regarding the stimulus package that the Senate approved last month with my strong support.

As you may know, the stimulus package, as originally introduced, would not have included the nation's 21.1 million older Americans who live primarily on Social Security. I fought hard to include these elderly Americans in the stimulus package, and am pleased to report that these seniors will receive rebates under the final bill.

The economic stimulus bill will now provide rebate checks, starting at $300, to low- and middle-income Americans with at least $1 of tax liability or $3,000 in income in 2007. If you've received at least $3,000 in Social Security or veterans' disability benefits (including payments to survivors) in 2007, you will be eligible for a $300 rebate. These rebates are tax-free—you will not have to pay additional taxes next year on your rebate check.

Assuming you are eligible for the rebate, you will need to file a tax return for 2007 to receive the rebate. This doesn't mean you have to pay taxes—the IRS just needs to know where to send rebate checks.

In response to my concerns that seniors and other Americans who do not normally file taxes may have difficulty filling out the standard IRS forms, the IRS has simplified the filing requirements to help these eligible rebate recipients file their tax returns. Filing instructions can be found at http://www.irs.gov/irs/article/0,,id=179096,00.html. I will also be hosting workshops with the IRS for seniors who need help filing their returns at Westerly Senior Center, 39 State Street, on March 26 at 11:30 a.m., and at Cranston Senior Center, 1070 Cranston Street, on March 28 at 1 p.m. I will also be hosting other events on this issue, the dates and locations of which will be announced later.

I hope this information helps you. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let me know.



Friday, March 7, 2008

About your 'seatourdelegates' petition signature

Dear Phillip

Thank you for signing the "Seat Florida & Michigan Delegates NOW!" petition at iPetitions.com website. Your signature is valuable and makes a real difference. Please encourage others to sign the petition as well. To do that, just forward the text below to everyone who might be interested:


I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed:

"Seat Florida & Michigan Delegates NOW!" http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/seatourdelegates?e

I really think this is an important cause, and I'd like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes less than a minute of your time.

Thanks! ---------------------------------------------

Once again, thanks for signing the petition! Sincerely, -iPetitions Campaigns Team

p.s. If you would like to start your own free petition, you can do so here: http://www.ipetitions.com/start-petition

Nicholson films make case for Clinton - Yahoo! News

Nicholson films make case for Clinton - Yahoo! News: "Nicholson films make case for Clinton" By JOHN ROGERS, Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES - He was The Joker in Batman, but Jack Nicholson says he wasn't fooling around when he said in "A Few Good Men" that there was nothing sexier than saluting a woman. Nicholson, who is backing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for president, took his endorsement to the Internet on Saturday with a humorous collection of clips that put his support into the mouths of his most film famous characters. "And now folks, it's time for who do you trust. Hubba, hubba, hubba. Money, money, money," Nicholson, as The Joker, asks his audience in the video titled "Jack and Hill." Then he goes on to make it clear he puts his in Clinton. He also makes it clear he isn't happy with the current administration. "Things could be better, Lloyd. Things could be a whole lot better," Nicholson, as frustrated writer Jack Torrance, tells Lloyd the bartender in "The Shining." In the movie, Nicholson's character then goes on a murderous rampage. In the video, a message flashes onscreen saying Clinton "has a plan to deal with the nearly 47 million Americans without health care." She will also end the Iraq war and restore America's credibility abroad, the video says after Nicholson, as angry Col. Nathan Jessep in "A Few Good Men," shouts, "Maybe we as officers have a responsibility to this country to see that the men and women charged with its security are trained professionals." The video, which debuted early Saturday on YouTube and other file-sharing services was put together with help from director Rob Reiner, said "Jack and Hill" spokesman Yusuf K. Robb. It was done without the Clinton campaign's endorsement, Robb said. "They decided to do this as something on their own to assist her campaign," he said. A Clinton campaign official did not return a call for comment. Neither did representatives for Nicholson and Reiner. On the net: http://www.youtube.com

:: Hillary Speaks For Me ::

:: Hillary Speaks For Me :: This so cool a site to get us all there being a part of histroy. After what Hillary has been through, She is going to be one good stright forward leader. We are all need to help Hillary with our votes to get her up there on the top job of the free world.

Help Hillary in Mississippi

After seven years of George W. Bush, we need a president with the strength, experience, and vision to make change a reality. I'm supporting Hillary for the White House because I know that her 35 years of experience means she can end the war in Iraq, make the economy work for the middle class, and achieve truly universal health care.

I hope you'll go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for Hillary. You can learn more about her record of accomplishment and plans for America -- and find your polling place -- on her website at www.hillaryclinton.com.

DC Vote Staff Heads to Oregon

DC Vote Working to End Taxation Without Representation
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Dear Friends:

DC Vote is taking our message to the states again. This time, we're heading to Oregon.

Staff members Eugene Kinlow, Nell Schaffer and Jaline Quinto will travel to Portland and Eugene from March 10-14 to meet with community groups, students and media in order to spread the message about DC voting rights. Already on the agenda are meetings with the Urban League, the Portland Business Alliance, Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, AFL-CIO, League of Women Voters, Jewish Student Union at Lewis and Clark College, Portland State University NAACP, and more. We'll end our trip with a co-sponsored social event with the Bus Project of Oregon.

Check out our DC Vote On the Road Blog for daily updates, photos and videos of our trip into the states. We encourage you to lend your thoughts and comments to our blog as we tell constituents in the states about DC's disenfranchisement.

Do you have a personal story or great photo of yourself in your "Taxation Without Representation" shirt? Did you take a vacation photo of yourself holding up your DC Vote bumper sticker? Post it to the blog or e-mail comments and photos to Jaline Quinto at jquinto@dcvote.org.

As DC Vote takes our message into the states, we want to hear from you! Visit our blog and tell us about your experiences sharing the message of DC's denial of democracy.

Ilir Zherka
Executive Director

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