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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fw: Reality Check

> Hi Friends,
> I know it's Sunday so I don't want to take up much of your time. You
> know me, I like to speak frankly.
> Here's the reality check: This election is far from in the bag. There are
> 60 Democrats sitting in seats that Bush carried in 2004 and there are
> eight Republicans sitting in Democratic seats. We have a lot of seats to
> protect and an historic opportunity to expand the playing field. The
> resources we have now will determine whether or not we win next November.
> The FEC end of quarter deadline is MIDNIGHT TONIGHT and the DCCC is just
> $38,000 shy of its goal. House Dems are matching every gift until
> midnight tonight so please give what you can before this critical
> deadline.
> http://www.dccc.org/r/99591/3131172/
> On to Victory,
> Rahm
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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Last Day of the Month + New LCD Automation Center

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WOW! X10 Space Age Split Second Sale is HERE!
Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale


HURRY! Last Day Of The Month Specials Abound!

Who woulda thought!?! Home Automation completely set up in less than a minute for less than $30 bucks! If you haven't already seen it, the NEW MiniTimer 2 LCD Home Automation System has arrived with a bang!

Plus, don't miss our Complete Wireless Home Security System, with 10 Door/Window Sensors and everything else you need to protect your family without signing any contracts or paying any monthly fees!

And, don't miss your chance at this All-Time Classic Favorite: 4 Cameras, PC/Internet Connectivity, Motion-Recording & and whole lot more!

Last but not least, check out this complete Motion-Activated Camera Recording System for less than $50! It's the BEST PRICE EVER for a system like this! Wow!


Brandon K.
X10 Daily Newsletter Editor

PS: Go STRAIGHT to the STUFF YOU NEED! Camera Expansions , Automation Expansions & Security Expansions are Here!

This is something X10 Fanatics have been waiting on for a long time. Well, IT'S FINALLY HERE!

  • LCD screen displays time, status of lights/appliances and house code
  • Control up to 8 lights/appliances directly from MiniTimer 2
  • Schedule up to 64 events
  • SPECIAL BONUS: doubles as an alarm clock
  • All On/All Off Buttons to turn on/off everything with one touch
  • Two Lamp Modules included - take instant control of two lights/appliances
  • Plug-n-play easy setup
  • Click Here for FULL FEATURE LIST!
    Click Here for More Info!
  • It's simple Plug-In LCD Home Automation - Introducing the MiniTimer 2...

    Forget complicated wiring and tons of extra pieces to set up. You don't even need a PC. With the MiniTimer 2, all you have to do is plug it in and presto, you've got Home Automation!

    You'll have instant control of up to 8 lights and appliances anywhere in your house! Control your fan, porch light, bedroom light and radio with the touch of a button without even getting out of bed!

    It gets better... 8 TIMES BETTER!

    What makes it so much better than the original MiniTimer is that you can schedule up to 64 timed events, compared to eight on the old MiniTimer. That means you can set your entire house to run on a schedule! Set the porch light to come on at night and off in the morning. Set your lights to turn off and on at random times throughout the day so your home looks occupied. Set your coffee pot to brew at 7 AM every morning. Program up to 64 settings!

    Set up in 5 minutes or lessWhat's more, the NEW MiniTimer 2 comes with a sleek LCD screen, which not only displays the time, but also the house code and on/off status of eight devices which you control from the top of the MiniTimer.

    Click here to find out more about the new Plug-In LCD Home Automation System...

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
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    Your Lucky Day!
    X10 Fanatics were furious when our Best-Selling 4-Camera System disappeared! Well, I've got some terrific news!

    FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME... It's back!

    You get FOUR wireless cameras - 2 full-color and 2 daylight/Low-Light! Plus, you get everything you need to watch and flip between all four cameras LIVE right on your existing TV or PC!

    There's more! With the state-of-the-art Vanguard Internet Software, you can get online from anywhere in the world and view your cameras LIVE! Wow! That means no matter where you are - home, work, on vacation in Tahiti - you will have a LIVE window into your home 24 hours a day! Now that's peace of mind!


    You also get a Motion-Activated PC Recording Kit. Now any activity while you're away will be captured on your PC's hard drive so you can view it later.

    Plus, you even get a Pan & Tilt Robotic Base, so you can remotely maneuver any one of your cameras left, right, up and down! You can even control it online!

    AND THAT'S JUST THE BEGINNING! Find out more about our Best-Selling 4-Cam System!
    • See your home LIVE on your TV, PC or even over the Internet
    • See every side of your home, inside or out - 4 weather-resistant, wireless cameras included
    • Never miss a minute of the action with motion-activated PC recording
    • Remotely maneuver your camera on a Pan & Tilt Robotic Base
    Camera Expansion Camera Expansion
    Camera Expansion Camera Expansion
    Camera Expansion
    Camera Expansion
    Camera Expansion Camera Expansion Camera Expansion
    Camera Expansion

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
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    Protect Your Home and Family
    Protect Your Home and Family
    Wow! We knew this Home Security System was a sweet deal, but we weren't prepared for the response we got!

  • No contracts to sign - avoid getting locked into a contract and save money
  • Save money - no install charge, monthly fees or false alarm fines
  • Secure ALL entrances to your home - 10 Door/Window Sensors included, expandable up to 16!
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation - set it up yourself in under half an hour
  • Click Here for FULL FEATURE LIST!
  • It SHATTERED the one-day record for Home Security Sales!

    Packed with everything you need to keep your home and family safe 24 hours a day, including 10 Door/Window Sensors, 2 Keychain Remotes to arm/disarm the system and a whole lot more, that shouldn't come as a big surprise.

    And we haven't even got to the best part yet!

    Not only can you get it all for a one-time payment of only $99.99, but you don't have to sign any contracts, either!

    Not to mention, no install charges, no monthly fees, no extra parts to buy and no more false alarm fines! This one is a no-brainer!

    So don't wait - order yours today! This is one purchase that you won't regret! The only one with regrets will be the big-name home security companies who will lose out on your hard-earned money!

    Find out more about this Home Security System!
    Security Expansion
    Security Expansion
    Security Expansion Security Expansion Security Expansion

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
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    100 Percent Legal Wireless Cable TV - No Black Box!
    Send your DVD, Cable, TiVo, Dish, DirecTV & More Wirelessly to ANY TV in your House - NEW! X10 Video Sender - Send VIDEO From The Living Room TV To The Bedroom TV With No Wires! Sleek, new round design to match your entertainment system - Use your remotes from anywhere in the  house with built-in Remote Sender - Smaller, more compact design packs a stronger signal! Today It's Only $49.99 - Click Here For More Info! SKU VK82A-ED-LR-PS79

    X10 Wireless Video Sender Is Better Than Ever...
    Video SenderThis included 5-in-1 Universal Remote controls your TV, VCR, Cable, Satellite Dish and even X10-enabled lights and appliances! It even works with the ActiveHome PC Home Automation System! you can trigger home automation events with just the push of a button. Amazing! Click here!

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
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    ActiveHome Pro gives you complete home automation control from your PC

    Brace yourselves, X10 Fanatics!
    This UNBELIEVABLE DEAL has been a long time in the making...

    It's our Complete PC Home Automation Software Suite combined with our Best Home Automation Expansion Pack...


    For starters, you get the complete ActiveHome Pro Software Suite. You will have everything you need to schedule and control your X10 lights, appliances and even security cameras right from your PC or even over the Internet from anywhere in the world! This software alone normally sells for more than $300! Find out more...

    To make the wheels turn, you get everything included in our Best Home Automation Expansion Pack - a total value of more than $80! Find out more...

    You get three dimmable Lamp Modules, you can take instant control of three lamps around your house. Simply plug the Module into a standard wall outlet, then plug the lamp into the Module, and you're done! Control your lamp by remote or PC (software sold separately)! Dim lamps that could never be dimmed before! Control your living room lamps, bedside reading lamps, desk lamps and more! And trust me, three lamp modules is more than enough to get you started with remote home automation. Find out more...

    That's just the beginning! You also get three 2-Pin Appliance Modules! These things are just plug-n-play! Simply plug them into the wall, then plug in your fan, coffee pot, radio, slow cooker or any other standard 2-pin appliance. Heck, they even work with lamps! Get the coffee pot brewing and flick on your favorite morning radio before you even get out of bed. If you've got the ActiveHome software, you can get online from work, and turn on the lights and slow cooker, so dinner is ready and the house is well-lit when you get home! appliance! Find out more...

    You will also be able to control your overhead lights, wall sconces and porch lights, too! Simply replace your current light switches with the two included X10 Wall Switches, and you can take control of just about any light in your house! Turn on the porch lights from the comfort of your couch! Turn on the bathroom light before you get out of bed at night! Have a nifty Kermit the Frog switch plate in your kid's room, or a nice brass switch plate in your dining room? No worries - you get to use your existing switch plates! Plus, the X10 Wall Switches are super-easy to setup - no installers required! Find out more...

    That's not all! For a limited time, we're also including a 5-in-1 Universal Remote! (A $49.99 Value Included!) That means not only will you be able to control your lights and appliances from anywhere in the house, but you will also have total control of your TV, cable box, DVD players and more - all with the same powerful remote! Amazing!

    Find out more about our BEST HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM!
    Home Automation Expansion Packs
    4-For-1 Wireless Wall Switches Decorator White - Now Only $19.99 Save $59.97 - Click Here For More Info! 4-For-1 Screw-In Lamp Modules - Now Only $19.99 Save $59.97 - Click Here For More Info! 5-For-1 Credit Card Automation Controllers - Now Only $19.99 Save $79.96 - Click Here For More Info!

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
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    NEVER, EVER have you been able to get a COMPLETE Motion-Activated Recording Camera System for a better price!

    We've put together an amazing kit and dropped the price to the absolute rock bottom!

    Here's what you get:

    One tiny surveillance camera with an included 60-foot cord to connect directly to your TV. This crystal-clear camera sends black and white surveillance footage right to your TV so you can check it out as you relax on the couch. Plus, with Low-Light Vision, it works 24 hours a day!

    Mount it in your driveway, on your front porch, in the back yard or anywhere else you want to keep an eye on - indoors or out!

    There's more! We're also including the Motion-Activated Recording Kit at NO COST! That means any time motion is detected near your camera, your VCR will record it all! Home or away, you will get all the evidence you need!

    Here's the catch: At just $49.99, this deal won't last! You may never see a complete Motion-Activated Camera Recording System at this value again! So order yours today!

    Oh, and did I mention our 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all of our products? This simply means TRY IT & LOVE IT, or send it back, no questions asked. How's that for a no-risk proposition?

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
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    Now is the time to take your X10 camera to the next level!

    For only $49.99, you get the state-of-the-art Vanguard Internet Control Software and the USB cord to hook your camera (sold separately) up to your home PC!

    What does that mean, you ask? Well, it means that no matter where you are in the world, you will have a LIVE window into your home!

    It means you will be able to see everything your camera sees on your home PC or over the Internet from any computer in the world!

    Get online from the office to see that your family has arrived home safely and on time. Get online from your hotel in Tahiti to make sure the house sitter isn't having a party. Get online from your parent's house across the country to make sure the neighbor kid is picking up your mail and feeding your pets.

    However you use it, you will get the peace of mind knowing your home is safe and sound. And for only $49.99, this deal has never been better! Order today while supplies last!

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
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    The ultimate low-light wireless surveillance package for an irresistible price!
    The NightWatch wireless low-light camera, combined with Robotic Pan & Tilt Power, will let you see where you want, when you want - all by remote control! Click here & GET IT GOING!

    Light up the night w/ a motion-activated welcome party!
    As a person approaches one of the monitors, two floodlights snap into action, lighting up the area within a 20-foot radius. This gives you and your family a well-lit path to the door and keeps would-be intruders at a safe distance from your home. Click here & light up the night

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
    Respond By Midnight

    Motion-activated outdoor lighting and VCR recording in one fully-loaded package!

    Order today to these incredible package savings - over $162!

    Instantly shine powerful floodlights on any intruder - humans and animals alike - and automatically capture all the action on video tape thanks to the VCR Commander II! The FloodCam combines the best of X10 surveillance and motion-activation technology in one ultra-powerful solution. Also works great as instant security lighting - insure that your family gets down that dim walkway at night! See into the darkest corners with the NightWatch low-light camera that "sees" in 3X less light than the standard XCam2!

    Q. Can I use the camera outside?
    A. Yes, it's made to take the weather but dry is best.

    Q. How big is it?
    A. It fits in your hand and is smaller than a baseball. Tiny for sure.

    Q. How far will the camera transmit?
    A. Up to 100 feet, enough for most homes and businesses. Call us with questions 1-800 675-3044.
    • Round-the-clock surveillance with NightWatch's low-light technology!
    • Convenient remote makes switching camera views as easy as changing TV channels!
    • Record "only the action" right on your VCR! Safeguard the sensitive areas of your home, inside or out!
    • Easy installation - sets up in minutes!

    Buy for $139.99 & save $162.95!
    Click here to realize the benefit of 'round-the-clock surveillance!

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
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    1-Camera  Spy Cam Kit - Today it's Only $49.99 Click Here to grab this deal before it is gone - SKU SC18A-ED-1C-0220
    Have you ever dreamt about being Dick Tracy, or 007? Have you ever wished you could spy on people without them knowing you were in the room? Ever wished you could eavesdrop on their conversations?

    You're in luck! We received an extra shipment of these tiny, color security cameras! That means we are slashing the price to only $49.99 until our stock levels are back to normal!

    Express Shipping Available By Phone  - 800-675-3044 These are simply the most affordable and easiest way to add surveillance to your home. They are also our smallest and most discreet camera.

    But don't let the discreet size fool you, this camera packs a lot of bang for the buck!

    It delivers full-color video directly to your TV! Plus, it has a tiny pinhole mic built into it, so it records sound too! And set-up is a breeze!

    Just mount the camera with two screws wherever you need it, indoors or out. Then plug the cable into the TV and wall outlet. Now you're ready to go!

    I have mine mounted on my front porch, angled so I can see whoever is knocking at my door and keep an eye on my car in the driveway! The cool thing is, nobody ever knows they're even being watched, because the camera is so small!

    Click here to read on...

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
    Respond By Midnight
    This kit can do it all! From motion-activated recording to having the ability to view your cameras over the internet easily. With the included low-light camera you can see in dim lighting conditions and during the day. You will always have a crystal clear picture of all the action. This puppy has it all. You can even set one on your front porch so you always know who is at the door before you answer. No contractors required because this system is easy to install. Click Here For More Info!
    With motion-activated recording and Internet viewing capabilities, surveillance is easy!

    2007 Best Seller - Surveillance!Boy have I got a deal for you! It's my best-selling 4-Camera kit, now with more great features at an all-time low price! You'll want to pay close attention to this one!

    Here's how I've set up my own 4-Camera system. I've got a WideEye InstantON color camera mounted on my front porch. It's got a 120 degree wide angle lens, allowing me to see twice as much area! I can watch over my entire front yard, my car parked on the street and see who's at the front door! Since my back yard is bigger, I set up a NightWatch camera with a Pan & Tilt base out there. With Pan & Tilt, I'm able to sweep my camera up, down, left and right with 240 degree views! It even has four preset positions so I can check up on my most-watched areas, like the place in the yard where the dogs keep getting out! Plus, this camera works great in low lighting!

    There have been some recent problems in my neighborhood with late-night thefts. So, I set up a NightWatch camera over my garage door. Since the alley can be pretty dim with only one barely-functioning street light, I know my camera will catch any thief trying to break into my property. My last color camera is set up in the kids' room so it's easy for me to keep an eye on them.

    The great thing is, this system comes with 4 motion sensors! With motion-activated recording, my VCR will automatically record any movement detected and stop recording once activity has ended! It's great because I don't have to sift through hours of footage! Plus, it comes with a remote control that lets me switch from camera to camera and watch over my home live on my TV!

    Express Shipping Available By Phone  - 800-675-3044 And you haven't even heard the best part yet! When I'm away on vacation or just at work I can get online and check up on my home! When the motion sensors detect any motion, not only does my VCR record but the cameras take snapshots that I can view online! All I have to do is get on the Internet and I can view photos from all four of my cameras! I can even view a complete history of past photos taken!

    This is hands-down my best selling 4-Camera kit! Now with $60.00 marked off, this is one deal you won't want to miss!
    • Protect your car from prowlers & vandals - record any activity on your VCR
    • Check up on your home while you're away - get online to view time-stamped photos
    • See who's knocking at the door before you answer - you decide if this is someone you want to let in your home. With the NightWatch wireless low-light cameras, you can see who's coming even in dim lighting.
    • Don't miss a word - with an audio/video receiver, you don't have to
    • See it all with the click of a button - comes with a camera remote to easily switch between camera views
    • Set up cameras anywhere - all 4 cameras are wireless and weather-resistant
    • Warn intruders that you are protected - two surveillance decals included
    • Detect all motion - the ActiveEye Motion Sensors work 24 hours/day
    • No extra monitor required - works on your existing TV or PC
    • Watch your porch, yard and driveway all with one camera - Pan & Tilt your camera to see 4X it's normal viewing range
    • Click Here For A Full Features List...
    Sold Separately $1212.79 Today it's Only $349.99 - Grab it Now! 4-Cameras at this price will not last long - Click Here For more Info!

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
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    ATTENTION FANTASY SPORTS FANS! Send Your Fantasy Sports Stats From Your PC To Your TV - NO WIRES!  - Sold Separately $319.96 Today it's Only $39.99 - Click Here For More Info - SKU MK12A-FANTASY-SPORTS-0918

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
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    FLOOD THE NIGHT WITH LIGHT! Get this amazing 6-Piece FloodCam Deal TODAY! - FREE SHIPPING! - Now Only $165.99 - Click Here For More Info!
    The nationally acclaimed X10 FloodCam!

    Flood the night with brilliant light and see it all with this dual FloodCam system!

    When suspicious motion is detected, these powerful floodlights/video surveillance cams snap into action — you and automatically capture all the action on videotape thanks to the included VCR Commander II! The FloodCam combines the best of X10 surveillance and motion-activation technology in one ultra-powerful solution. With two FloodCams, you'll be able to protect your front and back door as well as a garage or other outbuilding! Use the BONUS Camera Remote Controller with the Wireless Transceiver to flip through the video feeds like changing channels on your TV! Buy for $165.99 and save $126! Click here to light up the night!

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
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    Control Appliances By Remote! 4-for-3 Appliance Modules - Today It's Only $38.97

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
    Respond By Midnight
    Motion-Activated Robotic Surveillance Kit - Now Only $138.99 - Click Here For More Info!
    The jewel of X10 cameras meets robotic pan & tilt power in a new blockbuster surveillance package!

    Get this complete single-cam robotic surveillance system for UNDER $139! We held nothing back on this deal! That's right, we've included the shining gem of the X10 camera family - the XCam2 WideEye InstantON. This powerful micro-camera has a 120° wide-angle lens to give you twice the viewing area of our XCam2, so it's a great choice for full-room viewing and surveillance into every corner! And we've included an automatic upgrade to InstantON means that there's no warm-up time when turning on the camera or switching between cameras in a multi-camera system.

    X10 Customer Review from
    "This was my second purchase from X10.com. The first order was received before the estimated delivery day. My package had everything I ordered. The Camera picture quality was greater than I had hoped for"

    And here's where this package truly shines! With a Ninja Pan & Tilt Robotic Camera Mount, you'll see 4X more viewing area for panoramic camera shots. Command your camera with silent precision to look at what you want to see, completely on-demand with fingertip ease! And it Gets Better! Use the VCR Commander II and ActiveEye Motion Sensor to create a motion-activated surveillance system that records "only the action" while you're away from home! With the Audio/Video Receiver, you'll be able to see, hear and record everything!

    Buy for $138.99 and save $270! Click here to own the jewel of X10 cameras!

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
    Respond By Midnight
    UltraCam Expansion Kit - Click Here For More Info!

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
    Respond By Midnight

    Get more control & style from your X10 system with
    Four Decorator Dimmer Switches!

    Add X10 control to your:
      • Porch Lights
      • Foyer Chandelier
      • Dining Room Table
      • Hallway / Stairway
      • Deck or Patio
      • Closet

    Put them on a timer, expand your lighting scenes,
    activate with motion sensors, control by remote and
    more! Have more fun with ActiveHome Macros!
    Sold Separately: $79.96
    Now Only $59.97!
    You Save: $19.99

    :: Even more ways to get FREE X10 modules! ::
    4-Pack Appliance Modules (2-pin) - Buy 3, Get 1 FREE! $38.97
    4-Pack Appliance Modules (3-pin) - Buy 3, Get 1 FREE! $41.97
    4-Pack Heavy Duty Modules (15 Amp) - Buy 3, Get 1 FREE! $89.97

    Got Questions? Call 24/7 1-800-675-3044
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    The MusicMaster bridging the gap between home speakers and your ipod
    Those guys at Apple struck gold when they invented the iPod. But they left one thing out - speakers.

    Until now, if you wanted to listen to your iPod songs on your home stereo speakers, you had to settle for one of those weak FM transmitters or an iPod dock that makes you get up every time you need to change the song!

    Well I've got great news! I have found a way to listen to all the great music on my iPod on my home stereo, and control the music using my iPod from anywhere else in the house!

    IT'S TRUE!

    With the X10 iPod MusicMaster, I can wirelessly send all the music from my iPod directly to my stereo. I simply plug the receiver into my stereo, then snap the tiny sender to my iPod, and I can carry it with me all over the house and control the music with a simple slide of my thumb!

    Easy connect to your existing ipod mini and ipod nano

    Whether I'm relaxing in my easy chair, grilling steaks out on the patio or cleaning my house on a Sunday afternoon, my iPod MusicMaster is perfect! It lets me listen to all the music on my iPod the way it's meant to be heard - on big, home stereo speakers.

    With the MusicMaster, I can keep my iPod in my pocket, and whip it out any time I want to change tracks, navigate through a play list or crank up the volume.

    Normally priced at $99.99, today it's only $29.99! But keep in mind, they are limited in quantity, so order while supplies last!

    • Our iPod MusicMaster works great with your iPod Nano or iPod Mini to navigate through all your play lists, artists and albums right from your recliner, sofa or anywhere in your house!
    • Easy setup in five minutes or less - just snap the tiny sender onto your Nano/Mini, plug the receiver into the stereo and you're done!
    • No interference or fuzzy audio - our iPod MusicMaster is better than those cheap FM transmitters
    • No iPod dock required - send music wirelessly from your iPod Nano/Mini to your stereo and control it at the same time
    • Crystal-clear, high quality sound - our iPod MusicMaster uses the same technology as top-of-the-line wireless headphones at a fraction of the price!
    • Full compatibility - our iPod MusicMaster works with ALL versions of the iPod Nano and iPod Mini
    • Small, convenient design so you can keep it in your pocket - when MusicMaster is snapped onto your iPod, it is only about the size of a deck of cards
    Express Shipping Available By Phone  - 800-675-3044

    Sentinel Pan Tilt Zoom Camera - 44x Zoom, Pro-Grade Optics, Weather Resistant Dome, Pan and Tilt, Remote Included. Today It's Only $599.99 - Click Here For More Info! SKU VK79A-WR-GOOD-NS-ST

    Starlight Mode StarLight Mode:
    Set up in as little as 29 minutesWith StarLight NightVision Mode, the Sentinel is able to function in extremely low light levels (0.02 Lux). That means you can monitor your home or business not only in the broad daylight, but at night in the dark as well! That's round-the-clock security and total peace of mind!
    Click here for more info....
    44x Zoom 44x Zoom:
    The professional-quality lens delivers crystal-clear full-color video. With a powerful 44x zoom (22x optical, 2x digital), you can zoom in on objects that you can't even see with your naked eyes - better than binoculars!
    Click here for more info....
    Compact Size Compact Size:
    With a sleek, compact design, you can fit the Sentinel nearly anywhere in or around your home or business. Plus, it easily mounts to the wall or ceiling!
    Click here for more info....
    Weather Resistant Dome Weather-Resistant Dome:
    Ideal for outdoor settings, the Sentinel comes with a weather-proof dome which protects it from extreme weather. Mount it on your patio under your eaves, on your front porch, on the loading dock or in the warehouse at your business. Rain and cold weather won't phase this state-of-the-art camera.
    Click here for more info....
    Remote Control Remote Control:
    The included remote lets you control your camera from up to 100 feet away through walls, windows, doors, etc. That means you can watch all the footage on your TV, as you remotely control your camera to pan, tilt, zoom and more. You can even set nine positions, and have the camera automatically sweep through them all, or hit any position and have the camera automatically adjust to it.
    Click here for more info....
    Pan & Tilt Pan & Tilt:
    Take charge and experience the real excitement of home surveillance. Remotely maneuvering your camera to see exactly what you want couldn't be easier. With ease, you'll guide Sentinel over a wide 330° panoramic view and zero in on anything below with a 60° viewing angle!
    Click here for more info....
    Easy Set Up Easy Set Up:
    With the Sentinel, you have two easy options! One, you can hook it up directly to your TV with standard plug-n-play RCA cables. Or just as easy, you can go wireless. Hook up the included receiver to your TV, and your Sentinel will send wireless video to the receiver, so you can watch it all on your TV!
    Click here for more info....

    Video Receiver
    Add an extra Video Receiver to your X10 camera system and watch your cameras on multiple screens. Keep tabs on your home from your bedroom and living room!
    Audio/Video Receiver
    Audio/Video Receiver - Did you know that your tiny wireless cameras have a built-in mic? Take advantage of this sweet feature - add an Audio/Video Receiver and you can see and hear what your cameras record right on your TV!
    Wireless Transceiver
    Wireless Transceiver - The backbone of any X10 system! The Wireless Transceiver lets you control your lights, appliances and cameras by remote or motion sensor. It's a must have!
    Expand with MOTION DETECTION
    EagleEye Motion Sensor
    EagleEye Motion Sensor - Automate your home with motion-activation! Any time someone sets foot near the motion sensor, it will send the on signal to turn on your lights, appliances or cameras. When they leave, it will turn them off again. It's perfect for hands-free lighting or motion-activated camera recording systems!
    ActiveEye Motion Sensor
    ActiveEye Motion Sensor - Our best motion sensor! With Dusk/Dawn Mode, adjustable time delay and many other cool features, the ActiveEye is perfect for hands-free lighting, motion-activated camera recording systems and any other X10 gear!
    Expand with CAMERA REMOTES
    ScanPad Camera Remote Control
    ScanPad Camera Remote Control - Turn your cameras on and off and switch between camera views by remote as you watch it all on your TV! The ScanPad is a must have for camera system owners.n!
    ScanPower Director Multi-Camera Remote Control
    ScanPower Director Multi-Camera Remote Control - Our best camera remote lets you switch between up to 16 cameras with the touch of a single button! It makes monitoring your home or office easier than ever!
    Ninja ScanPad Remote
    Ninja ScanPad Remote - Control your cameras mounted on Pan & Tilt Bases. Sweep them in all directions, put them on Auto-Pilot and control up to four cameras with each remote! This powerful remote lets you take control from anywhere in the house - it works from up to 100 feet away through doors, floors, walls and windows!
    PalmPad Remote Control
    PalmPad Remote Control - Sit back, relax and control your lights and appliances by remote with the touch of a button! Each PalmPad lets you control 6 sets of lights/appliances and even has a dim/brighten button to create the perfect lighting.
    Keychain Remote Control
    Keychain Remote Control - Light up your house as you pull into the driveway with a click of your tiny Keychain Remote. It's powerful, sleek and thin design fits right in your pocket or snaps right on your keychain. Each Keychain Remote controls two sets of lights/appliances.
    Credit Card Thin Remote Control
    Credit Card Thin Remote Control - Turn on your home's lights with the simple press of a button on your Credit Card Remote as you arrive at or leave the house. This tiny, lightweight remote snaps onto your keychain and allows you to control up to four lights, appliances and even dim/brighten lights!
    Learning A/V Remote with X10 Control
    Learning A/V Remote with X10 Control - The Universal 5-in-1 Learning Remote controls TV, VCR, Cable, and Satellite in a convenient and uncluttered design. It even has an X10 button, which lets you control X10-enabled lights and appliances. The learning function allows the remote to work with any audio/video product, no matter how obscure!
    Plug-in Mini Controller
    Plug-in Mini Controller - This tiny controller allows you to control up to 8 lights and appliances located anywhere in your house - directly from your bedside or near your couch. Simply plug it in and you're ready to control - no Transceiver or PC required!
    Slimline Wireless Wall Switch
    Slimline Wireless Wall Switch - The Slimline has three on/off buttons plus a fourth button for dim/brighten control. Simply peel-n-stick it wherever you need a switch - no wires required!
    Customize your HOME SECURITY SYSTEM
    Door and Window Sensor
    Door/Window Sensor - Expand your Protector Plus Home Security System by adding additional Door/Window sensors! When a door or window is opened, these professional-quality sensors automatically trigger your X10 security system. Secure every entrance today!
    Large PowerHorn Siren
    Large PowerHorn Siren - Make sure to scare off any intruder and alert the neighbors when your X10 security system is triggered. Add extra audio punch to your siren with the Large PowerHorn.
    Compact PowerHorn Siren
    Compact PowerHorn Siren - Smaller than the Large PowerHorn, the compact version still packs a mean punch! Make sure to scare off any intruder and alert the neighbors when your X10 security system is triggered. Add extra audio punch to your siren now!
    Security Motion Detector
    Security Motion Detector - Secure your home's interior. Any time motion is detected near these Motion Detectors, they will trigger your X10 security system. Maximize security today and add Motion Detectors inside of all your entrances and in the hallways.
    Dual Floodlight Outdoor Motion Monitor
    Dual Floodlight Outdoor Motion Monitor - Any time motion is detected, the powerful Floodlights come on and light up your yard. But that's not all - the Motion Monitor can also trigger up to four indoor lights too! What intruder is going to stick around when they are surrounded by lights and the house lights up?

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