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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Medical Office One Version 2.1

The Biosoftworld Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of  "Medical Office One" Version 2.1! A powerful EMR - Appointment Scheduling - Medical Billing software package tailored for United States medical practices! Print the CMS 1500 Form, or send claims electronically to clearinghouses.
Medical Office One is a HIPAA - NPI Compliant and feature-rich application for medical office - practice administration. Fast and easy-to-use, it allows creation of the new 08/05 version of the CMS 1500 form, full customization, excellent reporting features and points of integration with popular software packages including: Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook. Data for CMS 1500 forms can be entered directly or can be retrieved for the EMR Portion of software. Print the CMS 1500 Form, or send claims electronically to clearinghouses.
Biosoftworld Team


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Worst day of my life

Repower America

Dear Friends,

I asked Troy Galloway -- a former steelworker who now builds wind turbine blades -- to share his story. Congress needs to support more opportunities like this and revitalize the economy.

- Cathy

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Meet Troy
From: Troy Galloway
Subject: Worst day of my life

The worst day of my life was when I got that pink slip. I expected to work in the steel mill until the day I retired, and then suddenly my job and my livelihood were gone.

Then in 2006 a wind turbine company opened two plants near my home in Hollsopple, Pennsylvania. Today, I build the blades for wind turbines that are powering parts of America with clean electricity.

A clean energy job saved my family and me, and many more in my community. But with the current economic mess, even some of my smartest and hardest-working friends here are still struggling -- as I know millions of Americans are.

That's why I am asking you for help.

We need millions more green jobs -- like the one that saved me -- all across the nation. And those jobs will only be available if our leaders in Washington take bold steps.

Please sign the petition to our leaders here:


Here's what the petition says:

"Congress must support bold national policies this year to transition to a clean energy economy and help solve the climate crisis. We urge you to cap carbon pollution to help create the jobs and businesses that will Repower America."

I'm hearing some talk on TV about how we can't afford to deal with the climate crisis and the economic crisis at the same time. Well, my experience shows we can't afford not to. The green jobs that reduce carbon pollution are this country's ticket out of a deep economic rut.

I hear that we lost half a million jobs last month. Imagine if those laid-off workers could turn in their pink slips for jobs in wind, solar, clean cars and green technology.

Well, our leaders in Washington have an opportunity to deliver green jobs like these to cities and towns all across America.

Send them a message today:





Real Goods Solar, Inc.

Hoyer Herald - March 27, 2009

U.S. Congressman Steny Hoyer - The Fifth Congressional
 District of Maryland


This week, the House Budget Committee passed the federal budget resolution, reflecting the priorities set forth by the President and the Congress, including targeted, strategic investments that will strengthen the economy and ensure economic stability over the long-term. The budget that was passed also makes a down payment on health care reform, creates a path to energy independence, and reforms and invests in education.  In addition to making these necessary investments, it reduces the deficit by nearly two-thirds by 2013 and makes significant strides to restore our budget sustainability. The House will vote on the budget measure next week.

This week was also Covered the Uninsured Week – a weeklong effort to foster conversation about reforming the nation's health care system and making affordable health insurance available to the 45 million currently uninsured Americans. The House budget resolution includes a commitment to passing health care reform legislation this year that that will reduce costs, improve quality, preserve choice of plan and provider, and expand access to coverage.

As the debate over reforming our nation's health care system gets underway, it is my intention to keep you up-to-date as reform legislation moves through Congress. This week, my office launched a new daily email called "The Daily Dose" to help you track health care reform news and developments. If you would like to sign up to receive The Daily Dose, please click here.

Next week, in addition to the budget, the House will consider the Senate version of the Serve America Act, a top priority for President Obama, which will create new service opportunities for more Americans to volunteer and give back to their communities to help them through the current economic crisis. I expect that the House will pass this bill and quickly send it to the President for his signature.

As always, thank you for allowing me to share this update with you. If there is anything you wish to share with me or bring to my attention, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

Sincerely yours,

Steny H. Hoyer


Hoyer Statement on Budget Committee Mark-Up
This week, the House Budget Committee marked-up and passed the Democratic budget resolution, continuing the budget process between the White House and the Congress as we set our priorities for the upcoming year.
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Read release on President Obama's press conference on the economy and budget

Hoyer: House Budget Committee Supports Federal Employee Pay Parity
CongressmanSteny H. Hoyer applauded the House Budget Committee this week for including a strong statement of support for federal employee pay parity in the Democratic House budget proposal.
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Hoyer Statement on Cover the Uninsured Week
This week, Leader Hoyer observed Covered the Uninsured Week, an effort to foster conversation about reforming the nation's health care system and making affordable health insurance available to the more than45 million currently uninsured Americans.
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Hoyer Statement on Secretary Geithner Regulatory Proposal
On Thursday, Leader Hoyer responded to the announcement from Treasury Secretary Geithner on the Administration's plan for regulatory reform.
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Hoyer Statement on President's Afghanistan/Pakistan Strategy
Today, Leader Hoyer commended President Obama on his new comprehensive strategy for the Afghanistan/Pakistan region.
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