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Monday, October 20, 2008

You Won't Get Into Law School Without A Great LSAT!


Law School Admissions Insider #26

Ace The December LSAT Exam!
Quick fact:  40,000 law school applicants fail to be admitted at any school every year
In this issue (#26) of the Law School Admissions Insider Newsletter I wanted to tell you about the best LSAT prep course I've ever seen. It's affordable, it's proven,  it's concise and, best of all, you can have it right now with absolutely no wait.  I'm really proud to recommend it because I persoanlly guarantee it will help you! 

[ If you've already read this message or are worried about how you did on the LSAT it may be useful to read this piece on overcoming an average LSAT score. ]

If you haven't taken the LSAT yet or are planning to take it again this December this is one product you'll need to check out.  I only recommend it because it works...

Several of my students used it for the June 08 LSAT and they raved to me about its clear explanations, concise format and great bonus information.  On average, it raised their scores from practice exam test to real exam test scores by nearly 10 points. After hearing such great feedback, I decided to check the product out for myself.

I was really pleasantly suprised as it is a one of a kind insider guide to beating the LSAT exam.  This product will raise your LSAT score by 5-10 points easily -  best of all - you can work through the entire program in just a few hours.

The product is LSAT Secrets.  Check it out now! You can instantly download it and get started.  For such a small investment, the risk of not buying this program and not getting into a top law school is absolutely not worth taking!


Pat Bergin 
on behalf of The Law School Admissions Insider Newsletter

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