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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Help Rock the Vote in 2011

Dear friends.

Another year has come to a close. And I am proud of the work that Rock the Vote accomplished with the support of all of you - whether that was as a volunteer, a financial contributor, or as a voter.

Today, I am writing to ask you to support Rock the Vote with a tax-deductible contribution.

As you know, Rock the Vote works to make sure that young people have the tools they need to register, vote, and have a say in the direction of this country and their own lives. From voter registration drives online and on the ground, videos and concerts to raise awareness, voter education through voter guides and online resources, to high school civic education programs - we work hard to engage and empower young people in our democracy.

And where we work, voter engagement goes up. In 2010, we registered a record-breaking 300,000 voters and increased turnout in key precinct that we worked in. We need your support to work in more places.

Hundreds of artists and musicians lend their voices to our cause, media outlets and partners generously distribute our message, but our funding comes from people like you.

We’re a non-profit with a small staff that happens to have a broad reach and a big voice. We make great things happen with our modest budget, but we need your help.

With the first contest of the 2012 election coming in one year, there’s a ton of preparation for everything we have planned. You remember how much went down in 2008? We’re going bigger, with your support.

Here are a few ways your contribution can help:
  • $15 brings a Democracy Class video and teaching packet to another high school, engaging students in how to participate our country's democracy
  • $25 sends a 'street team kit' to another volunteer who wants to run a voter registration drive in their school or community
  • $100 allows us to reach 10 more voters online that weren't thinking about voting
  • $25,000 allows us to build new technology to facilitate easier voter registration online
  • $200,000 allows us to staff up a major city with a voter registration, education and turnout campaign
  • $1,000,000 allows us to produce ads and run them online to give young people something to believe in and a reason to turn out
  • $30,000,000 and we register the ~18 million people who have turned 18 since the last election and give this country something they have never seen - a youth political movement that changes how politics runs for the better
We think big. RTV has run the largest non-partisan voter registration drives on record for the past couple election cycles. We grow better and more effective every year. Help us keep it going!

This is all tax-deductible of course.

Thank you for your support this year, and we look forward to continuing to Rock the Vote in 2011.

Best, Heather