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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our health care ad

The Democratic Party

Last week, we told you about the Republican National Committee's latest ad attacking President Obama's health care plans. With no ideas of their own, they resorted to distortion and outright lies.

We can't let Republicans distract America from the true stakes of health care reform. So we've come up with the response: an ad of our own, featuring real people telling their own personal health care stories.

I want to share it with you now. It features real people telling their stories of lost coverage, watching loved ones go without care, and making the case for reform. Once you see this, you'll see what we mean about how powerful these personal stories can be.

Will you watch the video now, and then donate $25 or more to put it on the air?

Will you make a donation of $25 or more to put this ad on the air?

As we speak, Congress is rapidly hammering out the details of the health care bill, and getting this message out now is crucial. Our representatives must understand how strongly we feel about the need for real reform -- and that we need it now.

In the next few days, we must decide how many of these ads we can make, where we can air them, and how many views we can guarantee. The more resources we have, the greater the impact we'll be able to make.

So watch this first video, and then please dig deep with a donation of $25 or more so we can get this ad and others like it on the air and online in key areas across the country.


Thanks for making it happen,

David Plouffe

P.S. -- Over 99,000 people have already donated to power our campaign for health care reform. This is the perfect time to join them, and help us hit our big goal of 100,000 donors for health care.

Please donate

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