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Monday, November 9, 2009

Conrad Hearing to Focus on Highway 52


Dear Phillip:

Last month, I held field hearings in
Dickinson and Williston to hear first-hand from those impacted by our roads, particularly on the US 85 corridor.   I heard from a diverse range of witnesses on the importance of a strong federal investment in our rural roads.

Infrastructure investments are vital to our state's continued economic growth, and as Congress prepares to debate the federal highway reauthorization bill, I want to make sure our rural infrastructure needs are met.

On July 2, I will be holding a Senate Budget Committee field hearing to examine US 52, which is a vital artery for value added agriculture businesses in the central part of the state.  I invite you to join me at this field hearing in
Jamestown to learn more about the immediate and long-term needs of Highway 52 and what needs to be done to ensure the roadway continues to drive economic development to our communities.


2:45 pm

Jamestown College

Furness Multi-Purpose Room,
Reiland Fine Arts Center

I hope to see you on July 2.


United States Senate

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