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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Breaking News: Health Care Bill Unveiled

DCCC Rapid Response

Breaking News: House Unveils Historic Health Care Reform Bill Today

Dear Friends,

Today, the House of Representatives unveils legislation to help President Obama achieve comprehensive health care reform this year.

But before the ink even dried on the bill, the Republicans and their special interest friends have taken to the airwaves, spreading lies and misleading statistics to try and obstruct this progress. It's critical that we all help fight back with the truth.

Below are three key facts about health care reform. Can you send it to 5 friends today? If each of us forwards these three points, we can get the truth out about why we need health care reform now:
  • As health care costs skyrocket, the cost of doing nothing is far greater.
  • In fact, without reform, the cost of health care for the average family of four is projected to rise $1,800 every year for years to come -- and insurance companies will make more health care decisions.
  • The Democratic bill offers families more choices, including the option to keep their own doctor. It also prevents denials or rate increases for preexisting conditions.
Please forward this e-mail to five of your friends and make sure they sign the petition declaring our support for comprehensive health care reform now.

With Republicans and their special interest friends desperately trying to win the spin war on health care, now is when your actions can make the difference.

Join the fight to help President Obama get comprehensive health care reform signed, sealed and delivered this year.


Jon Vogel
Executive Director, DCCC

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