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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reproductive freedom is based in the states


Progressive Majority

Dear Friend,

Earlier this week, I picked up my Washington Post and read a very disturbing article about reproductive freedom, and I thought you would want to know about it.

We may have elected Democratic majorities in the U.S. Senate and House and have a Democratic president in the White House, but the real battle over reproductive freedom is not in their hands, but has shifted to the states.

The Washington Post article reported that opponents are pressing state legislators to make access to abortions more difficult to obtain and, they hope, harder to accept. In Mississippi, doctors are mandated by the legislature to tell women that abortion increases the risks of breast cancer and infertility, even though there is no scientific evidence to support it! Click here to read the full article and learn more about the restrictions conservatives are passing at the state level.

At Progressive Majority, we recruit, train and help progressive champions win elections on the state and local levels so they can stop these types of conservative efforts. By continuing to put progressives in office at the state and local levels, we are protecting your right and those of countless women. Please help us by making a secure online donation today.

Last year alone, approximately 400 measures to restrict access to abortions were considered in state legislatures, according to The Post. The only way we can keep more states from going the way of restrictive Mississippi is to give progressives the tools they need to run for office. This is what we do at Progressive Majority, and our program is proven to work. We have helped 351 progressives win elected office and flipped six state legislatures, 37 local governments and filled four statewide positions to progressive control since 2004!

Click here to help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 by Friday to protect reproductive freedom in the states.


Gloria A. Totten
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Progressive Majority

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