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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Report: June 3 MtPl Library Design Meeting

> Good Ward One Residents and Library Advocates:
> On Wednesday, June 3, 2009, DC Public Library held the second community
> meeting since showing the public preliminary design plans on March 26,
> 2009 for an expansion to the rear of the current Mount Pleasant Library
> building.  There were more than forty people in attendance.
> Although the public was expecting to discuss at least four design
> schemes, DCPL showed the already discussed plan to renovate within the
> existing walls and a plan they are calling Scheme F.  DCPL staff
> concluded that the renovation plan would just not suit their "building
> program" so in essence the audience was given one choice, Scheme F --
> there was no compromise on this.
> The architect, Henry Myerberg and Associates, presented Scheme F using a
> slideshow of images depicting the floor layouts and only a couple slides
> showing the real-world renditions of the expansion.  You can find these
> here >> http://tinyurl.com/dcpl-mtpl-june3-plans
> The full-expansion would increase the size of the library more than
> 4,500 square feet and extend back from the current building to the
> library property line.  This would put a three-story expansion less than
> twenty feet from the apartment buildings adjacent and behind the
> library.
> Community comments ranged the spectrum. Some audience members gave the
> new plans enthusiastic support despite seeing these details for the very
> first time. Others were visibly frustrated and upset, especially about
> not being given much choice and the lack of meaningful discussion around
> fire safety concerns.
> Councilmember Jim Graham conducted a straw poll and got the sense that
> people in the room wanted to move forward with Scheme F (he did count
> DCPL staff as those wanting to move forward). 
> But there were certainly a good number of attendees who thought that the
> details presented Wednesday night could be brought back and shared with
> the broader community over the next few weeks using surveys and other
> feedback methods to clarify outstanding issues and get more buy-in.
> Considering how any decision on this library project will affect the
> next several decades, having a bit more time to deliberate among Ward
> One residents makes common-sense.
> =======
> The District Dynamos wants your feedback. 
> Please take a look at Scheme F here >>
> http://tinyurl.com/dcpl-mtpl-june3-plans
> * What do you really like about the design? What do you dislike?
> * Do you see anything which stands out as a serious concern?
> * What do you think of the proposed floor plans?
> * At the meeting, fire safety concerns kept coming up... do you think an
> expansion close the the surrounding apartment buildings heightens these
> concerns?
> The District Dynamos
> 202-536-4065
> dclibrarydynamo@rushpost.com
> ========
> ------------------
> District Library Dynamos
> http://www.districtdynamos.org
> 202-387-8030
> dclibrarydynamo@rushpost.com

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