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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Phillip, tell President Obama to stay strong.

09 12:26 PM
Subject: Phillip, tell President Obama to stay strong.

Dear Phillip,

Clean Energy & Green Jobs Big things are happening. And we have some big news.

Since the elections we have been talking to you about what's next for Rock the Vote, and testing the waters on issue advocacy. We want to make sure that those we elected hear from us on the things that matter most. Today, I am writing to announce the first part of our issue advocacy campaign and ask you to get involved.

With your help, we are going to make young voices heard on three big pieces of President Obama's agenda: (1) building a new clean energy economy that creates millions of green jobs and tackles climate change; (2) reforming our busted health care system; and (3) making college more affordable. An ambitious effort requires a thoughtful plan, so here it is: we're going to help you get smart on the issues, make sure your voice is heard, and bring about some serious change. Are you in?

There's no time to waste, we're hitting the ground running.

Join the first big action by asking President Obama to stay strong on clean energy and green jobs legislation.

Right now in Congress, they are trying to pass planet-saving legislation that will address climate change, build a clean energy economy, and create millions of green jobs. Universal health care is possible for the first time since they tried to fix a broken system 15 years ago. And President Obama is pushing to reform the student loan program and expand Pell Grants by fighting to change a very lame policy that puts money into the pockets of banks instead of students.

You made these bold legislative steps possible. Young people were the difference in the election - and politicians know it. We have their attention and now we have to tell them what we want. Other voices are being heard. Polluters have already spent $90 million lobbying against the comprehensive energy bill. Insurance companies are lining up against health care reform. The banks are not going to give up their sweet deal on student loans and just hand the money over to us. Young voices must be heard. You must be heard.

Tell President Obama that you support a clean energy economy.

Fighting for good policy is in our DNA. Rock the Vote was started nearly 20 years ago to stop some seriously un-American censorship activities in Congress. Young people won that battle and then fought for better voter registration systems. Rock the Vote has been registering and turning out voters ever since and during the 2008 elections we ran the largest non-partisan voter registration drive in history, helping more than 2.2 million people register to vote.

It is time to get back to our roots. Young people cannot sit on the sidelines and hope for change. We've got to take the power we flexed at the ballot box last fall and have our voices resonate through the halls of Congress. Rocking the vote was just the beginning.

I'm in,

Vice President, Rock the Vote