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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Breaking News: Hoyer Announces DC Voting Rights Act Delayed Due to Gun Amendment

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Dear Supporters:

The DC Voting Rights Act (H.R.157) has been temporarily pulled from consideration in the House. In his weekly press conference today, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer stated that, due to a lack of consensus regarding a gun amendment compromise, a vote on the bill will be delayed.

The fight to enact the DC Voting Rights Act in this Congress is far from over. We are optimistic that we will see this bill enacted during this Congress and will do everything in our power to make this happen. Majority Leader Hoyer also stated in today's press conference that he "will not give up on this bill." We are grateful for his continued commitment and support and we plan to use all possible avenues to see it through to passage in this Congress.

Unfortunately, we also know that the NRA will continue to look for a vehicle for the Ensign amendment and we will fight this at every step.

And, with the current expansion of DC Vote's mission to include both full congressional representation and "full democracy" for DC, we are empowered to take our fight on issues of Home Rule to the next level.

That's why I want to make this point very clear - DC Vote will continue to fight against any changes to DC's gun control laws. The District must have local control over these critical issues.

We will need you by our side as we continue to fight on behalf of the more than half a million Americans living in Washington, DC. Please stay tuned for details on our next steps and activities. Now more than ever, we'll need you to be engaged in our action steps.

Thank you for your support.


Ilir Zherka

Ilir Zherka
Executive Director

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