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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spread the truth about Barack

Obama for America
Dear Suporters,

Reach out to swing voters The smears and lies about Barack are becoming more frequent, more outrageous, and more offensive.

While you and I know the truth, many undecided voters do not.

It's more important than ever to reach out to voters in crucial battleground states. You can set the record straight, fight back against John McCain's attempt to mislead voters, and help win a key state in this election.

Get your list of potential supporters to contact. We'll give you talking points you can use.

This election is coming down to the wire. Voters are making up their minds, and in a number of states they are casting their votes early. You can help make sure the attacks we're seeing from the McCain campaign don't influence their decision at the polls.

No experience is required. You can do it all from home. You'll join more than 200,000 supporters around the country who are using our voter contact tool to great success.

Ask friends and family to join you. If more supporters like you get involved, we can quickly reach the number of voters we need to win this election.

Get started right now:


Thanks for all you do,


Jon Carson
National Field Director
Obama for America


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