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Monday, October 20, 2008

A progressive economic recovery

Progressive Majority

Dear Friend,

There's only one way to dig our nation out of the current economic mess.

We must elect progressives at every level of government.

Progressive Majority's new generation of progressive leaders will bring economic reform to their cities and states, and they'll ensure that economic opportunity - and responsibility - is shared fairly. From jobs creation to green energy, from strong unions to affordable housing, progressives have the plan and the vision to put our nation back on track.

Our country needs progressive leadership like never before.

Eight years of conservative mismanagement has left our economy in shambles. But, rather than re-elect the conservatives who brought us this mess in the first place, it's time to elect progressive leaders who share Progressive Majority's agenda - champions willing to fight for economic reform, even when it means bucking their own party establishment.

Your contribution to Progressive Majority goes straight to helping our candidates win their elections this Nov. 4. In the must-win states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin, you can help elect the new generation of progressive champions - the state and local leaders of today and the national leaders of tomorrow.

Click here to help Progressive Majority put the brakes on the unchecked greed and short-sightedness that's plagued our nation's economy for too long. We won't stop until every last conservative is swept from the corridors of power, from the smallest city council to the largest state governments. When you support our work to recruit, train and elect progressive champions at the state and local levels, you help deliver our country to economic recovery.

Click here to make your secure donation.

Let's make 2008 the year we take back America!


Gloria A. Totten
Gloria Signature
Progressive Majority

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Progressive Majority
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