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Monday, October 20, 2008

Get in on the ground game

Dear Supporter,

Last night, you saw John McCain win the final debate of the general election. On every issue, he proved he is ready to lead and ready to take this country in a new direction.

We know that John McCain is prepared to bring bold solutions to solve our nation's challenges. He'll fight for the "Joe the Plumbers," "Joe the Florists" and "Joe the Carpenters" of America to reduce taxes and allow more men and women to realize the American Dream. John McCain is the only candidate who has consistently put our country's needs above his own. Now, it's up to us now to make sure he wins on Election Day.

There's been a lot of talk in the media about the massive field operation Senator Obama has built with unlimited campaign funds. Our campaign is ready to match his operation, but we need you on board to do it.

As we enter the final weeks of the campaign, we're launching our major volunteer effort to elect John McCain and Sarah Palin. As a volunteer in your home state, you will be making a big difference in bringing the McCain-Palin ticket closer to victory.

Please follow this link to sign up for a volunteer shift. No matter what your schedule is, we have available shifts for each day leading up to November 4th. As a volunteer for our campaign, you will be provided with training, so no prior experience is needed.

There is a lot at stake in this election. As a volunteer for McCain-Palin, you can make a big impact in closing the gap in the polls and electing John McCain and Sarah Palin as our next president and vice president. Please follow this link to get involved today. Thanks for your support.

Christian Ferry
Deputy Campaign Manager

P.S. In addition to volunteering for our campaign, I'm asking you to visit the new website, www.RhetoricVsRecord.com. This site outlines the big differences between what Senator Obama says and what he does. Please take a few minutes to read through the site and pass it along to a few of your friends. Thank you.


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