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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Al Gore's Message


Dear Friends,

Did you see Al Gore's message from Friday? He asked for your urgent help for our Emergency Ad Fund - with a one-day only match. If you have given already, thank you. But we just got news that our Republican counterparts secured a loan for $8 million so they could continue their blitz of attack ads against our candidates through Election Day. In order to fight back and make sure our candidates have enough resources, we need an additional $180,000 for this week's buy - so we extended our match. It's too important not to - so any dollar you give today between now and Monday will be matched 2-to-1 by House Democrats. Please contribute now at www.dccc.org/gore_adfund2. Onward to Victory, Nancy Pelosi

From: Al Gore
Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008 10:09 AM
To: Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Subject: Off Track

Al Gore
Dear Nancy,
2-to-1 Match! Today only! Support the DCCC's Emergency Ad Fund!

Perhaps the single greatest gift that our democracy affords us is the opportunity to change course when things have gotten off-track.

On so many critical issues that will define the century, from solving the climate crisis, and defending our nation, to safeguarding our constitutional liberties, and building a modern, strong economy, over the next 25 days, you and I must seize the chance to boldly move America in a New Direction.

Each of us has a personal responsibility to help advance Democratic campaigns that do justice to the unbelievably high stakes in this election. You have already done so much and we are truly grateful. I wouldn't ask again but with recent news of the Republicans' $2.2 million ad buy – we need immediate resources to put into the hands of Democratic candidates under attack.

Taking a few minutes to make an urgent contribution of $35 or $50 right now could be the difference between winning and losing a close race on Election Day. House Democrats will match two dollars for every dollar you give to the October Emergency Ad Fund.

Contribute $35, $50, or even $75 today to the October Emergency Ad Fund and your gift will be matched 2-to-1, TRIPLING your impact.

Eight years ago, many were saying that elections didn't matter and that there was very little difference between our major political parties. However, after eight years of failed policies from George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, showing contempt for our Constitution, and most disturbingly of all, denying the climate crisis that now threatens the very future of human civilization, I think almost everyone agrees that elections matter a great deal.

Contribute $35, $50, or even $75 today to the October Emergency Ad Fund and your gift will be matched 2-to-1, TRIPLING your impact.

The choice in front of us is truly profound.

John McCain, Sarah Palin, and their would-be Republican allies in Congress are openly endorsing the very same policies followed for eight years by the Bush-Cheney White House – and actually promising more of the same.

As clear as the choice is to us, the hard truth is that neither electing Obama-Biden nor expanding our Democratic Majority in Congress is a foregone conclusion. With perhaps the most consequential election in all of our lifetimes now just 25 days away, please stand with the DCCC to give America the kind of White House and the kind of Congress that reflects the values, priorities, and the most American of ideas that our best days are still in front of us.

Contribute $35, $50, or even $75 today to the October Emergency Ad Fund and your gift will be matched 2-to-1, TRIPLING your impact.

All the Best,

Al Gore

Al Gore

P.S. Now is the time Democratic party leaders are making the final, tough decisions of where to invest stretched resources and where to deploy field organizers in our last all-out push to ensure victory in this historic election. Your gift today will go three times as far with a matching gift from House Democrats – please act now.

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